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Learning the Natural Way...

Muddy Education

Foundation Stage Activities

Day visits and programmes for Pre-schools, Nurseries and Reception year

Day Visits

Visit the countryside for a day to remember...

Day visits usually run from 10am until 2.15pm and consist of either pre-designed programmes of activities or teachers can choose to create a bespoke experience from our standalone activities. All are linked to EYFS guidelines and encourage children to explore the natural world using their senses.

Our day programmes include:

          Teddy Bears' Picnic

          Exploring the Environment

          Natural Art

          Caterpillar Counting (based on the Hungry Caterpillar story)

          Stick Man (based on the book by Julia Donaldson)

For a full list of stand-alone activities and day programmes please contact the centre.

Regular Visits

For the youngest children we recommend regular visits to the woods.

Our Tree Tots sessions for pre-school children run in six week blocks ideally spanning two seasons so that children can experience the transition from one season to another. Each session has a different theme and a variety of activities that children can access freely, as if they were in their setting. 

For more information on Tree Tots sessions for pre-schools and nurseries please contact the centre using the contact form on the home page.