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Learning the Natural Way...

Muddy Education

Key Stage 1 Activities

Activities for school children aged 5-7 years

Day programmes

Hands-on learning supporting the National Curriculum

At Muddy Education we believe that many subjects can be taught through the natural world. Science, maths, literacy, geography and art and design, are built into our activities making a visit to our woods a really valuable cross-curricular experience for key stage 1 children. A memorable visit also makes for great writing for KS1 SATS!

Day Programmes include:

             Nature Detectives

             Nocturnal Animals

             Animal Habitats

             Tree and Plant Explorer

             Minibeast Maths

             Team Building

Plus many standalone activities to build your perfect visit

Regular visits

Experience the countryside through the seasons...

Observing changes within the natural world is an important part of understanding nature. Regular visits to the woodland and surrounding habitats give children a real understanding of concepts such as weather and climate, animal habitats and life cycles, plant life cycles and food chains to name but a few. A programme of regular visits, either in consecutive weeks spanning two seasons or at intervals throughout the year, provide an important opportunity for children to consolidate their learning.