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Learning the Natural Way...

Muddy Education

Key Stage 2 Activities

Day visits for school children aged 7 - 11 years

Day Visits

The National Curriculum brought to life...

Exploring the trickier scientific concepts that arise in key stage 2 in a practical way can be invaluable in developing children's understanding. Food chains, populations, identification and classification and evolution and adaptation are just some of the ecological principles that can be covered with a visit to our Countryside Education Centre.

Day visits include:

         Nature Detectives

         Homes and Habitats

         We Need Soil

         Food Chains and Falcons (in conjunction with Icarus Falconry)

         Treasure Woodland (maths and mapping)

         Woodland Ecology

         Team Building

For a full list of activities please contact the centre.

Regular Visits

Developing understanding...

Even for older children regular visits throughout the year will enable children to revisit concepts and develop their understanding further. Visits during the winter and summer are especially useful for exploring life cycles, animal/plant adaptations and other ecological principles, enabling children to compare and contrast between seasons.