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Learning the Natural Way...

Muddy Education


Nighttime activity at the Badger Sett

Look closely at this clip and you will see the badgers are collecting bedding material in the form of dry grass. They ball it up under them and walk backwards dragging it underneath them.

You might see evidence of this activity around the sett. Old, discarded bedding can often be seen outside the entrance holes. You might also see claw marks in the soil from where they have dragged the new bedding along.

In this short clip the badgers are playing and enjoying the freedom of emerging into the field under the cover of darkness.

Birds and nests

Find out about how birds build nests in spring


Easter Bunny Scavenger Hunt

Create a bunny picture from nature


Forest Bathing

Some things to spot up high in the trees



Easter Egg Hunt Trail Map

Follow the arrows to find the 12 hidden eggs.

Dont forget to search the woodlands too.

Things to spot on the way:

- Badger Sett

- Pond

- Spring flowers in the church yard

- Leaf buds opening on the trees